Monday, 30 June 2014

Perfection of God's Love

Have you ever experienced a moment complete in itself?
Have you ever felt, there was nothing more left to be accomplished?
Have you ever denied the world just for a moment of belonging, togetherness and ecstacy?
Have you ever stood on the shores of a turbulent ocean, watching the waves wash away every drop of fear and released a sigh of relief?
Have you ever given up and still been a winner?
Have you ever experienced perfect tranquility?
Has there been a time when you were sure of the perfect alignment of your body, mind and soul and marveled at its magic?
Have you ever been sure enough to laugh at uncertainty?
Have you ever felt like the master of the Universe?

I have.....
and every moment of the day when I feel this way,
every time I watch the birds return to their abode,
every time I see a soul smile...
I slowly close my eyes and say a silent prayer.

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