Thursday, 30 January 2014

Lost and Found

People just won’t help! They are naturally self centered and won’t help unless they have an ulterior motive.  I had built up this opinion during my student and work life, the reason being some ugly encounters with people around me.  But recently, a life stirring event changed this preconceived notion to a considerable extent. The idea that a loved one has a road mishap on another side of the globe where they are completely alone somewhat sucks life out of us. In such a crisis, where every minute seems an eternity, even the most trivial hold-ups can be frustrating.  


When my sister, a bright student, a budding author, the youngest of the four at home and the most pampered, had two broken bones in the leg, we were in the same situation.  The helplessness that I experienced then because of my immobility due to family commitments is inexplicable. The sleepless nights and flashes of smashed wood splinters flying in every direction haunting my imagination were nothing short of torture.  We had a million questions unanswered and that exacerbated agitation. 


We all could use some help....

When we were worrying ourselves sick, help had arrived. People, we had no idea existed, helped for no other reason but humanity. People who were available and did not think twice before offering the much needed care, medical attention, and financial aid then,  while our money was just changing forms at banks and borders  and would take its time to arrive. Tears shed in prayer did not go waste. It was nothing but God’s infallible way of handling things that as if miraculously, problems were fading.


With time, things are coming back to normal but the lesson has not been forgotten.  This episode has compelled me to question my belief, my conception about kindness and selfless service and has definitely renewed my faith in the prevalence of compassion.  

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