Monday, 5 May 2014

Save the right way, Spend in the right place

Moving to a new country half way across the globe was stressful for us as a couple. Both of us were jobless and knew that by the time either of us would find employment, most of our savings would be over. By God's grace, my husband found work after a month and a half. We moved to a new city and the idea was to save money wherever we can and to spend it in the right place. Here are a few things we did to achieve our goal.

Some home cooked Pad Kapao Kai, Kai dao... I so love Thai food....
1. Home cook food
Both of us like to spend time in the kitchen and cooking together so instead of buying processed food which is a much easier (and unhealthy) option, we settled on getting raw material and cooking food which would pamper our taste buds. Believe me, you can save hundreds and still wont have to compromise on food.

2. Buy from the right place
This required a little research and traveling. There are about 4-5 major retails stores in Australia and all have different prices for different stuff. Check their websites or go to their stores to see what suits you. You can also explore local butcheries and grocers who actually sell fresh stuff for way less than that sold in stores. It may not be clad in fancy looking packs but who cares....

3. Cheaper doesn't  mean low quality
All retail stores have their own personal brands and they always sell for a dollar or two less than the  other brands on the shelves. Exploring retail generic brands for a myriad of cooking and baking products (even bath utilities and almost everything....) is also a practical option.

Our kitchen garden in its nascent stage
4. Plant a kitchen garden
We had some low maintenance outdoor space where we have planted a little kitchen garden. We still need to reap its wholesome benefit and I'm hoping it turns out as what we imagined.

Telephone/Mobile/Internet Plans
1. The word is research. Carefully plot out your needs and go for the right plan. Always look for offers. For example, we got an internet connection at a normal rate but here's a catch, we also got an IP phone with it which enables us to call overseas for FREE!!!
2. If you are not much of a caller like me, buy long duration plans instead of monthly's

Utilities (Gas, Electricity and Water)
If you are planning to stay in a rented accommodation for a longer period, say 24 months, look for long term contracts which usually have discounted rates.

Save where you can...
1. Switch off electronics when not in use
2. Try to make use of natural lighting as much as possible
3. Wash laundry in bulk... don't put the washing machine on for a pair of jeans
4. Chalk out a budget for everything... and stick to it

I hope you find these tips useful and applicable. I got to spend all I had saved on new clothes and hair styler.... that sure made the whole effort worthwhile.

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